Financial Advice Provider Compliance Officer Course

Financial Advice Provider Compliance Officer Course

Financial Advice Provider Compliance Officer Course


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Strategi Institute has developed a compliance officer course specifically tailored for financial advice provider (FAP) compliance officers/managers.

The focus of this course is on understanding the obligations relating to relevant legislation, regulation and codes and building a compliance assurance programme proportional to the business size.

FAP compliance officer course overview

  • Who should be your in-house compliance officer? What skills and experience should they have? 
  • What a typical FAP compliance officer job description would look like.
  • Understanding the entire risk and compliance space with regards to a FAP and meeting your licence requirements.
  • What is required for a meaningful governance risk and compliance framework including what is a compliance assurance programme and how to make it work.
  • Understanding the three layers of defence and who does what.
  • Bringing about culture change and how to motivate your staff to be compliant.
  • What is good conduct, how do you demonstrate it and how do you report it?
  • What is the process for becoming a FAP, what are the timeframes and what do you need to do to ensure your business meets those?
  • Tips for using technology to potentially simplify the compliance officer role, improve board reporting and reduce external compliance assurance costs.
  • What is the Goldilocks AML/CFT audit solution and how to fully integrate AML/CFT obligations into your compliance assurance programme.

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