About Strategi Compliance

About Strategi Compliance

Established in 1999, Strategi has spent more than two decades building quality education and compliance services, knowledge, systems and processes. This experience enables us to deliver practical solutions that work, while also being good value for money. Each year we help thousands of financial service providers and professional services organisations of all sizes build better, more profitable businesses.

Strategi Compliance

Strategi Compliance (Strategi Limited), our compliance arm, is New Zealand’s leading provider of FMCA licensing and compliance services to the financial services industry.  We are also the leading provider of AML/CFT audits and training services across the legal, accounting, real estate and financial services sector, having completed over 1,200 AML/CFT audits.     

Our vision

To be the Asia Pacific region’s (APAC’s) preferred provider of education programmes and training solutions to regulated industries.

Our passion

At our core, we are driven by the passion to enhance individuals and businesses, empowering them to better serve their clients. We do this through our distinctive approach to integrated training and advice solutions.

Our structure

Strategi Group is governed by a three-person board, responsible for the company’s strategic direction. 

The wider Strategi Group employs 40+ staff in full-time, part-time or contract roles. We are proud of our team’s high level of qualification and experience.

Our guarantee

At Strategi Compliance, we guarantee you nothing short of practical, accurate, and cost-effective advice delivered in a timely manner. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, we do assure your absolute satisfaction with our service.

For more information on Strategi Group, please download our Due Diligence Kit here.

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Phone: +64 9 414 1300

Email: info@strategi.co.nz