Since 2013, Strategi has been a leading provider of AML/CFT training, advisory and audit services across New Zealand. Our team of experienced and independent auditors have completed over 1,200 AML/CFT audits.

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No matter the size or complexity, Strategi’s services are for anyone with an AML/CFT obligation- such as financial advice providers, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents - in other words, all Phase 1 and Phase 2 entities.

Strategi’s audit process and reports meet all the guidelines of the AML supervisors (DIA, FMA and RBNZ). Strategi prides itself on producing high-quality AML/CFT audit reports, that identify compliance and non-compliance and provides practical solutions to remediate any non-compliance.

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AML/CFT Reviews

The AML environment is constantly evolving, and much can happen over three years. Strategi Compliance provides AML/CFT reviews that provide a quick and cost-effective way of obtaining a health check on whether your business is meeting its AML/CFT obligations.  Regular reviews help reduce your overall cost of remediation that may occur if you leave your AML/CFT audit to once every three years. The AML/CFT review will check your documents, training records and processes to ensure you are still on track – enabling you to make changes to meet regulatory amendments or new guidance from AML supervisors. 

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AML/CFT Training 

Staff training is one of the key requirements of the AML/CFTlegislation. A reporting entity must provide adequate training to its senior managers, AML/CFT Compliance Officer, and any other employee that is engaged in AML/CFT related duties.

Strategi has a team of highly qualified and experienced AML/CFT specialists who offer a range of practical training solutions that can be tailored to meet your business needs and help your business meet its AML/CFT obligations.

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AML/CFT Resources

Strategi has been providing AML/CFT solutions since 2013.

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Why choose Strategi for your AML/CFT needs?

  • AML/CFT specialists since the regime began in 2013
  • One of New Zealand’s leading AML/CFT auditors, having completed over 1,200 audits across phase 1 and 2 entities
  • Cost-effective provider of AML/CFT audits, training, templates, and advice
  • National coverage and flexibility with a choice of onsite or remote audits to suit you
  • Training services delivered either online via our online learning platform Radar, via Zoom or in an onsite classroom environment
  • Professional standards - Systems and processes built to ISO standards, with documents subject to legal sign off where applicable
  • Ongoing support with free e-zines, whitepapers and guidance notes
  • Practical solutions.

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