Why choose Strategi Compliance

Why choose Strategi Compliance

Strategi is New Zealand's leading provider of compliance, consulting and training services to the financial services and professional services sector.

Our long track record

A leading provider of best practice and compliance services for the financial services industry since 1999.

Industry thought leader

Proven track record: Over 6000 subscribers to our services. We are regularly called upon to assist when businesses encounter problems.

AML/CFT specialists

Independent AML/CFT specialists since 2013, having completed over 1,200 AML/CFT audits across both phase one and phase two entities.

FMCA licensing experience

Experienced provider of FMCA licence applications since 2013.

Remediation solutions

Specialists in FMCA remediation since 2013.

Cost-effective solutions

‘Off-the-shelf’ cost-effective templates, or more bespoke products and solutions available.

Practical solutions

Combines practical advisory experience with global and local standards to build defendable solutions.