CCCFA changes delayed to 1 December – what it means for you

CCCFA changes delayed to 1 December – what it means for you

14 SEP 2021

The Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in the commencement date for changes to CCCFA legislation and regulations being pushed back from 1 October to 1 December 2021. The exception to this is the fit and proper certification requirement which continues unchanged, but the other changes now start on 1 December.

CCCFA changes delayed to 1 December – what it means for you

This creates a number of opportunities for lenders to make sure they have the best possible outcome. Our top tips are:

  • Correctly identify your directors and senior managers and undertake the fit and proper certification process sooner rather than later. Don’t leave your certification to the last minute as failure to be certified could result in your business having to cease trading.
  • Now that you have extra time to finalise your policies, processes and controls don’t miss the important step of getting them reviewed prior to implementation.
  • We would encourage implementing your new systems as soon as they are ready so you can test their effectiveness and make any changes prior to the new legislation and regulation starting on 1 December 2021.
  • Training of directors, managers and front-line staff is critical. You now have time to build the training plan, build training modules (or get Strategi Institute to assist) and upskill all those involved. 

Strategi has partnered with the Financial Services Federation to build two training kits – the first for directors and senior managers and the second for front line staff. Each kit includes :

  • A detailed Guidance Note outlining the changes.
  • Training modules with multi-choice questions.
  • Recording of a webinar that discusses the changes.
  • Webinar slides.
  • Q&A document.

The content from each kit can be provided to the business to upload to their internal learning management system. Alternatively, the business can subscribe to Radar – the Strategi Institute’s industry-wide online education platform where the kits will be located. Strategi Institute can provide a third option for lenders who need to upskill large numbers of financial intermediaries. This allows access to a specific training module with multi-choice questions and consolidated reporting.

These kits are free for FSF members. A fee applies for non-FSF members.

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