Have you signed up for the FIU monthly reports?

Have you signed up for the FIU monthly reports?

21 JUL 2022

The AML/CFT Act became law in October 2009 with its overarching purpose to detect and deter money laundering and contribute to public confidence in the financial system.

Have you signed up for the FIU monthly reports?

As part of its obligations under the Act the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) produces a monthly report to assist readers in their efforts to detect and deter financial crime.  

The report is an interesting and worthwhile read utilising information held directly by the FIU and open source media reporting on international money laundering and terrorist financing stories collected over the month.

The content usually provides outlines of current national and international criminal prosecution cases, giving the reader insight into the varied ways criminals and criminal organisations are attempting to launder illicit funds. 

The report is a regular ‘must read’ when it comes to awareness of new red flags and ongoing AML/CFT training. Keep up to speed with recent examples of money laundering, put them into the context of your business and update your policies and processes accordingly. Don’t forget to share the information with your wider team to create greater awareness.

If you are a reporting entity and have registered with the GoAML portal then you should be automatically on the distribution list for this report. Otherwise these reports are available on the NZ Police website by clicking here.