Boost security in your business: Simple tips for CDD

Boost security in your business: Simple tips for CDD

25 JAN 2024

As a Reporting Entity, safeguarding client information is a top priority.

Boost security in your business: Simple tips for CDD

Here are three practical and concise security tips to strengthen your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes:

Tip 1: Streamline outsourcing for efficiency

Many Reporting Entities choose to outsource their CDD processes to third-party providers, leveraging their expertise and potentially superior security measures. If you've opted for this route, consider that you may not need to duplicate customer documentation if your third-party provider securely stores it on your behalf. By relying on their secure storage systems, you effectively lower the risk at your end. This not only streamlines your processes but also minimises the potential vulnerabilities associated with managing duplicate records.

Tip 2: Protecting ID Information

When using a Credit Card or Eftpos card for secondary ID, cover the card number and security code before making photocopies. It's okay to do this as these details are not necessary for ID purposes. This simple precaution shields you and your client from potential misuse, ensuring sensitive information stays secure.

Tip 3: Bolstering digital defences

In addition to physical document protection, prioritise your digital security. Regularly update software, use strong and unique passwords, and consider multi-factor authentication. Educate your team about phishing threats and foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Implementing these straightforward measures will help reduce vulnerabilities in your CDD processes and reinforce trust in your brand. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar where we will be teaming up with cybersecurity experts to share more insights and tips to further enhance your businesses defences.