Bridging the compliance gap

Bridging the compliance gap

20 FEB 2024

Three years between AML/CFT audits is a long time - especially when there is a raft of AML/CFT regulatory changes occurring.

Bridging the compliance gap

The Strategi AML/CFT review is a painless and low cost way to check you have correctly interpreted the regulatory changes and made the right changes to your AML/CFT risk assessment, programme, and the way you operate. This bridges the compliance gap before your next scheduled three yearly audit.

What is an AML/CFT review?

An AML/CFT review is like a condensed version of a full audit, focusing on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) practices. While it's not legally required, it covers most of the things a full audit does, including assessing risks and compliance programmes. Additionally, it offers the option to review a small sample of client onboarding processes if desired.

What are the benefits of doing a review?

An AML/CFT review serves as a check-up after you've had your main audit and implemented its recommendations. It ensures that those recommendations have been correctly put into action. This is especially crucial with changes in regulations. Have you updated your documents and processes accordingly? The AML/CFT review provides reassurance that you're on track and compliant. It also offers peace of mind and can save you time in the long run by catching any issues early on.

What are the main things Strategi finds in AML/CFT reviews that are helpful?

During reviews, common findings include outdated documents that haven't been updated with regulatory changes, incorrect processes, and instances where recommendations from previous audits haven't been addressed.

When and how often should I consider this?

We recommend scheduling reviews annually. This periodic check-in can help ensure ongoing compliance and only costs around $1200 per year.

Take action today to safeguard your business compliance and peace of mind. Schedule your AML/CFT review now and stay on track with regulatory requirements.

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