NZCFS (Level 5) undergoes review

NZCFS (Level 5) undergoes review

25 OCT 2023

The New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) is currently undergoing a full review to ensure it remains aligned with industry demands and student needs over the next five years.

NZCFS (Level 5) undergoes review

David Greenslade, Executive Director of Strategi Group is actively involved in the review process and has provided initial insights into the implications of the qualification updates.

According to David Greenslade, while the current Level 5 qualification isn’t flawed, it requires an overhaul to accommodate potential shifts in the provision of financial advice in the coming years.

The review process:

Led by Ringa Hora, (the Workplace Development Council) the review process follows a structured and formal approach. A team of industry experts are collaborating to identify emerging trends and guide necessary adjustments to the qualification. Throughout the process the Code Committee is being kept informed, serving as the authority for setting the minimum education standards. The review is expected to conclude by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

What will this mean for you?

The anticipated Version 3 of the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) is set to be formalised in 2024, and there will be a transition period before training providers must discontinue providing the Version 2. The Code Committee will decide in due course what it deems to be the minimum education standard.

Existing financial advice providers: Strategi Institute is preparing to offer new CPD modules through Radar or corporate learning management systems, along with ‘Closing the Gaps’ courses for seamless upskilling. Note: there is no requirement for existing advisers to re-enrol in the updated qualification.

New financial advisers: Strategi Institute plans to swiftly launch its Level 5 Version 3 programme for new industry entrants.

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